Make your Next Trade Show, Tech Expo or Supplier Engagement Event Remarkable

Trade shows, expos and supplier engagement events require a different kind of planning that really focuses on well-executed logistics, planning, management, and supplier engagement plans. They require integrating corporate and supplier activities that work toward a common goal.

Whatever your goals may be, Show Ready Tech has the experience and expo services to help you execute an engaging, immersive trade show, supplier engagement event or technology event to memorably showcase your business, product or service, and cultivate meaningful connections.

From the broad planning stages down to the last-minute details, Show Ready is dedicated to helping you plan your next trade show event every step of the way with:

  • Event design and layout
  • Venue management, oversight, coordination
  • Event registration and supplier participation management
  • Logistics oversight and management
  • International shipping and import coordination
  • Event staging and branded environments
  • Delivery and logistics
  • Event lighting and power
  • Vendor and/or supplier engagement
    And more

Reasons to host a corporate trade show:

  • Developing a supplier network
  • Showcasing new products or services to potential new customers
  • Integrating learning and networking opportunities
  • Offering suppliers, partners, or vendors opportunities to present product briefings or showcase their services with a booth

Details matter when planning your trade show or expo. From in-person expos to fully virtual trade shows or hybrid expos that combine the best of both worlds, our creative and knowledgeable team will develop a plan that elevates your event to deliver on all your objectives. We give your attendees a trade show experience they can’t forget through our creative event design capabilities and acute attention to detail.

Traveling Corporate Trade Shows & Tours

Show Ready Tech is experienced at managing traveling trade shows and tours, working as the single point of contact to manage venues, suppliers, creative partners and logistics to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Show Ready Tech has the team and experience, whether traveling the country or going global. We’ll provide the right technology, supervise partners and local support teams to secure the right power and coordinate international shipping and import requirements. This is critical when going global and executing logistics.

Show Ready makes sure your trade show or expo is done right, no matter what!

Virtual and Hybrid Trade Shows

Are you considering going virtual or hybrid for your next trade event but unsure where to start? Show Ready has been hosting hybrid events since the 1980s! Our owners and team are deeply experienced with production studios, virtual web-casting, and overall hybrid event production and planning.

Learn more about our live, virtual and hybrid event formats.

Show Ready Tech’s Proprietary Virtual Expo Platform – InnoX

Building on a decade of experience delivering highly productive supplier engagement, innovation, and product research and development expos, in 2021, Show Ready Tech developed and delivered an entirely virtual expo platform called InnoX. The InnoX platform was created with direct input from both suppliers and corporate manufacturing partners to provide a platform that allows both suppliers and corporate partners alike to engage new suppliers or buyers, attack innovation opportunities, and expand product research and development activities through a private, secure, virtual expo environment.

The InnoX platform offers:

  • A customizable virtual 3D lobby
  • Virtual collaboration rooms (private or public)
  • A main presentation stage
  • Up to three fully customizable exposition halls
  • Multiple virtual booth choices
  • Sponsored 3D environments that support real-time communication, collaboration and document sharing

Live and Virtual Event Guides


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Event Planning +Production + Management + Technology = Be Show Ready for Your Next Corporate Event

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