Tips for Planning Your Next Event

Show Ready in Rogers, AK with Hillsdale College

Tips for Planning Your Next Event

With fully virtual and blended-hybrid events here to stay, there are many modern tips and tricks to creating remarkable, inspiring and audience-centered events. Blended-hybrid events are an essential part of business in 2021. Show Ready knows that these new event styles can be daunting for some, but it doesn’t have to be! Wondering how to create a blended-hybrid event with relevant content that’s easy to navigate, interesting and successful? Keep reading!

1. For those starting from scratch, creating audience personas are very important – this should be a part of your overall marketing plan. For existing businesses, we recommend you revise your audience personas since 2020 most likely had an impact on who you can reach and where you can reach them. Understanding your audiences’ needs and purpose for gathering is vital to creating an engaging and successful event. The need for human connection is higher than ever and it’s a catalyst moment for us to connect them.

2. Understanding your overall event goals and working with Show Ready to prepare, will give you the advantage of knowing what works and what doesn’t. Are you fundraising? Creating brand awareness? Launching a new product or service? Each event type will require event milestones towards success.

3. Choosing the right platform and the right partner in Show Ready, you’re already off to a great start! We have proprietary event procedures, virtual event software, and virtual reality offerings. Take the guesswork out of figuring out which software and event platforms by working with us. Live and pre-recorded blended-hybrid events are a possibility and can be convenient, successful and have minimal technical issues.

4. Choosing your event format is also important – fully virtual, in-person, or a blended-hybrid event. The type of event you host will depend on your audience, comfort level and budget. It is essential to choose the right event format to ensure optimal engagement and attendance from your audience.

5. Can’t forget about content! Planning content requires pre-set goals, partnerships, platform and audience personas intact. Create a theme, repeat your message throughout all forms of communication; emails, blogs, social media, press releases, etc. Easy to understand themes usually perform best and pre-scripted content helps keep pre-event promotion, during event promotion, and post-event promotion on track.

6.  This may seem obvious, but you need a where, when, why, and how for your event. Be clear about your event, when it’s being held, who’s hosting, and how to attend.

7.  Create an event marketing plan. Along with content, a marketing plan for your event will keep you on track and ensure you did everything you could to bring eyes to your event. Starting with your event location, event page, you can utilize organic and paid social media, blog posts, and an email workflow. Creating a landing page for your event will also help track data that will be helpful for post-event review. PRO TIP: Data is king in the world of blended-hybrid events.

8. Audience participation can be a huge part of your event. Whether you’re running pre-recorded sessions or hosting live Q&As, the success of your event will rely on your overall event goal, event platform, and ease of use. Show Ready is ahead of the curve and ready to add 3-D renderings and virtual reality to create an even higher level of interaction. Ask us how!

9.  Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse! At Show Ready, we’re no stranger to ensuring all technologies, organizers and participants are prepared for your event. We have thorough testing procedures and provide expert speaker coaching to ensure that your event and your speakers are Show Ready.

10. Once your event is complete, you’ll want to gather feedback from your attendees. This is the only way to know how to improve for the future! Sending a simple survey is an effective way to ask questions and gain insight to content, delivery and results. It’s also an opportunity to tell them about your next event and allow them to help shape it. Best of all, it’s build into our platform so don’t forget to ask us about how to gather great customer feedback.

Show Ready in Rogers, AK with Hillsdale College

In Conclusion, virtual and blended-hybrid events are effective and innovative, but they must be done right. Here at Show Ready, we’re excited to work with you on appropriate planning, marketing tips, and thinking outside of the box for your next event!

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