How do you increase profitability?


A Decade Later and Clients are still Saving Millions

Sparks Innovation

Reduces Costs

Streamlines Efficiencies

Improves Supplier Relationships

Cultivates Collaboration & Communication

Engages Teamwork

Increases Profits

Inspires B2B

Promotes Problem-Solving

Accelerates Launch Programs

Stimulates Dynamic Synergy

Stimulates Dynamic Synergy

Leveraged Innovation

INNOX creates leverage innovation. How? By putting your suppliers to work for you. Our proven, first-of-its-kind, worldwide, custom Expo Program & Supply Chain Solution sparks innovation while reducing costs and increasing your profits. Guaranteed!

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INNOX Testimonials

From Exhibitors & Host Companies

“Year after year, this expo has been instrumental in driving innovation to meet the needs of Ford.”


“By attending each year, we are able to showcase our creativity in planning for the future.”


“This expo serves as a springboard for new ideas, and builds focus and momentum for existing projects helping to most efficiently bring them to market sooner.”‍


“Due to the size and intimacy of the expo, it makes interaction much easier and in-depth.”‍


“This expo allows for a tremendous amount of sharing and collaboration within a short amount of time.”


“With the visibility gained through our participation, we were able to meet the important decision makers leading to additional projects.”