How to Handle a New Event Season

Now that we’re all pretty tired of hearing pandemic talk, Show Ready is here to talk to you about the future of events. It can be both exciting and daunting, but we’re prepared to provide event tips, hacks, and industry information that can help. Whether you’re able to partner with Show Ready to host your events, or are looking to us for advice, we’re grateful for you and hope you find what you’re looking for within our content.


We think that the theme of this year’s conference season is “behind.” From what we can see, both venues and vendors are receiving requests at a rapid pace and resources are getting scarce. All of us are playing a little bit of catch-up over the last year, but also tackled the challenge of creating the most innovative, engaging and fully immersive events ever created. All while implementing new technologies and platforms that allow us to take virtual and blended-hybrid events to a whole new level. 


If you haven’t started planning, we advise you get to it. Planning is our focus for 2021. Planning events that need to happen now or in the near future, but also planning for the events that will follow that. Areas of events we need to be planning for are:

Venues: Both online and in-person venues are booked or booking up quickly. If you have a typical date or timeline for your event, that may be thrown off a bit by the availability to host your event. The best way to be proactive on this is to pick a date and time NOW and then work on the rest of your event.

Technology Platforms: There are A LOT of them out there and evaluating them is time consuming, confusing, and at times overwhelming.  The good news is that Show Ready has already done the homework for you.  We use the most advanced, proven platforms.  We take out all the guesswork and put your mind at ease.

Vendors: Similar to venues, entertainers, speakers, caterers, service providers, and event production companies are booking 2021-2022 quickly. At Show Ready, we pride ourselves on having a solid list of vendor partners to work with and who are available to execute our events. Coordinating this individually can be daunting and seemingly impossible for companies or organizations just getting started.


Content: Designating the theme/s of your event ahead of time will help you create evergreen content you can use before, during and after your event, but also as marketing collateral in the future. Be diligent when picking themes that solve a specific problem, support a specific niche or group because you’ll be able to build off that in additional campaigns – not just for your event.

Audience: Now that we’ve re-discovered the potential of virtual events, creating a hybrid in-person and online event has endless possibilities. Our audience can be world-wide! Our audiences are no longer limited to their geographic locations when it comes to attending events. It’s a great thing, but it also means that we need to be even more intent on our audience persona. Our potential audience size has increased, but so have the amount of events they can attend. We need to know who we want to reach, where we’ll reach them, and how we’ll remain in contact before, during and after our events. It’s important to remember quality over quantity.


Events aren’t new and Show Ready isn’t new to producing them. But what is new is the way you plan, develop and execute your events. Contact us for your free 30-minute planning session towards remarkable events in 2021 and beyond! 

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