Event Types and What They Include

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Hi there! I’m Marie and I work with Show Ready. I decided to write this blog in the first person because I think it’s really important to see what events look like from an inside view. I’ve been working with Show Ready since shortly after the pandemic began. Honestly, Show Ready saved me from being completely unemployed for longer than a few months… I’m so grateful for them!

I think it really speaks volumes – a company who hires during a pandemic. Show Ready has been ahead of the curve in business and event production for over two decades. Even during a pandemic, the executive leadership team – Deb Kanter, Paul James, and Dennis Doyle, were adding specialists to their team and exploring strategic partnerships to enhance event production in 2020 and beyond.

Even though I’ve been with the company for about 8 months now and have a solid grasp on what it is Show Ready does and how they do it – I still ask questions and learn more about their services every day. One question I’ve been asking regularly just to clarify the evolving definitions is: What are our event types and what exactly do they mean?

Nowadays, events and event types may seem pretty fluid – it really feels like whatever the governments decide to allow us to do. But I thought I’d come here and break it down a little more professionally for you all. So here goes nothing:

Event types and what they include:

In-Person Events are what we’ve always known them as with a TWIST! In-person events are still completely safe and a viable option if done correctly. Show Ready has been hosting socially distanced events since May 2020 with no incidents. Pre-registration, COVID tests, social distancing, and outdoor events are taking the “stage” per-say. Honestly though, I like that we’re taking more precautions when it comes to in-person events. They will be back and better than ever. It allows us to slow down, stay safe, and be more purposeful in how, why, and who we gather with. When you’re ready to host your in-person event, we’ll be here.

JDRF 50th Anniversary
JDRF Virtual Event 2020

Fully Virtual Events can be foreign to many businesses, but not all. And yes, they can be fun, entertaining, educational and help keep you connected with your clients, prospects and teams. The amazing thing about technology and working with Show Ready, is that we’ve done all the dirty work for you and know what platforms are best to host your event and even what 3-D virtual reality aspects you can incorporate! Even though our pandemic state has kept us at a distance in most cases, it doesn’t mean that we can’t host events that bring us together. Fully virtual events allow attendees to gather from the safety of their own home, coworking space, or socially distant office.

Finally, Blended-Hybrid Events are the latest and greatest in event production. Even though they are not unfamiliar, there are lots of factors. See our other blogs on why now is the time to plan and how blended-hybrid events are the future. But these events truly bring the best of both (event) worlds together. There is an in-person event component that is familiar to your audience, but also a virtual component that may include 3-D exhibit halls, live or pre-recorded virtual sessions, breakout rooms, virtual team building exercises, and more!

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Hillsdale College 2020 Hybrid Event

Blended-Hybrid Events are really the events of the future and this is because your company has more reach with a multi-faceted event and often times the cost is similar to one live event.

Show Ready has worked diligently over the last year to be on the cutting edge of all event production things and I’m proud to be on their team. It’s exciting to be involved and help promote these new (and old) event styles via social media, blogs, vlogs, and case studies.

I hope you find my peek inside what I’ve learned at Show Ready helpful. Feel free to reach out to me at marie@showready.com with any follow up questions. Last but not least, thank you for reading and contact us for your free planning session!

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