Amp up Your Non-Profit Fundraising Efforts Using Our Proven Formula.

Delivering a successful non-profit event comes down to your ability to do one thing.  Energize and engage your audience in a way that inspires a deep connection with your cause and motivating them to give.  It’s that simple, or is it.

The Show Ready team has had numerous conversations with potential new non-profit clients over the last 6 months and one common theme continues to come to the surface.  They tell us “Our donations are down and we are struggling to engage our audience.”  They ask us how they can re-energize their events and increase donations.  Like wise,event planners and communications companies come to us seeking a better way to serve their clients.

“Our donations are down and we are struggling to engage our audience.”  

We are Show Ready.  We’ve Always Got Your Back.

Over the past 18 years Show Ready has been working with non-profits to engage stakeholders, inspire deep human connections and deliver results.  Our partnership with the Metro Detroit SE, MI JDRF Chapter has resulted in delivering fund raising events that raise more than $2.5 million in just one night!  How do we do it?  We engage, we energize, and we inspire which motivates participants in our non-profit events to give.  Now you can take advantage of our winning formula.

Our Proven Formula for Delivering Remarkable Non-Profit Events

Step 1: Embrace an Exciting Theme

Remember, you cannot succeed over time with your fundraising events by delivering the same dull experience year after year.  You have to change things up.  You have to keep your donors guessing, what are they going to do this year?  You need to create a high level of excitement even before your guests arrive at the venue.  Choosing an exciting theme will deliver better results.

Step 2: Use the Right Technologies to Engage All the Senses

The use of the right technology makes all the difference in the world when trying to create an environment that delivers the right energy and mood.  What people see, hear, feel, smell and taste must all work together to accomplish this task.  Choose the right technology partner and watch the energy and excitement build.

Step 3: Integrate a Bit of Theatre

Your audience is not just there to give, they are there to be entertained and motivated to take action.  They need to feel good about their choice from the moment they enter the venue to the moment they leave.  If your participants aren’t smiling, they aren’t giving.

Step 4: Tell Real-life Stories

Creating real human connections requires having empathy for those you are trying to connect with.  When potential donors can empathize with those you are ultimately trying to help they become inspired to help.  Telling real-life stories in the right way will inspire empathy.

Step 5: Create High Energy in the Room

It’s no secret that when people are energized and feeling good they give more. It is our job to help you create the right energy and to create the right mood in the room to motivate the action of giving.